TV chefs we love to hate!

More hatin' than lovin' goin' on up in here!

TV Chefs we Love to Hate!
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Do you just hate some of the people on the Food Network? Do these so-called "celebrity chefs" tick you off with their fame, attitude, narcicism, and lazy short-cuts? Does Bobby Flay's arrogance bug you, Michael Chiarello's Napa Valley snobbery make you want to punch him, or Rachael Ray's shrill screaming into her microphone make your ears bleed? Is there someone on PBS or on a "guest spot" on daytime TV that just pushes your buttons? Do you like to bitch about these people? If so, you've come home!

Just keep in mind that if you come here to whine about how we have no life because we're complaining about TV chefs, you're wasting your time. You will be banned.

That said, if you love a chef that someone hates, you may politely disagree, but flamewars are unacceptable.

The rules are simple
1. Don't be a jerk. If you post something with the intention of starting a flame war, you'll be banned. Don't flame others.

2. Don't TyPe LiEk DiZ. Use complete sentences if you can, and AVOID ALL CAPS IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

3. Pictures are allowed, but if there is more than one, use a cut. Similarly, if you're posting a video, please place that under a cut. Have fun!

4. Keep the posts on-topic. Endless speculation about how brow-beating you think Ina Garten must be to her obviously gay husband is not on-topic. Hate a recipe or find a chef annoying? Fine. Being mean and nasty about something you assume is not.

5. No disabling commenting on your posts. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you delete comments I'll delete your post.

6. If you have a problem with a member, send me an email. melissamira@livejournal.com is sent to my main email and I check it several times a night.

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